The purpose of this study was to investigate the recycling potential of marble sludge, which is generated from the cutting and grinding process of marble. Geopolymerization technology was applied to this aim. Waste marble sludge was combined with cement, fly ash, clay, gypsum and blast furnace slag in different combinations to prepare paste samples without aggregate. NaSilNaOH and 8M NaOH solutions were used as alkaline activators for geopolymerization. Samples were analyzed for unconfined compressive strength (UCS) and the formulations yielding the highest UCS results were determined. The sample containing %25 fly ash+ %25 cement + %25 blast furnace slag + %25 marble sludge and prepared by using NaSilNaOH solution yielded the highest UCS level of 52 MPa among the samples. The results of the study showed that marble sludge is a suitable material for geopolymerization purposes and yield high compressive strength compared to that of standard cement paste.