Asia-Pacific Conference on Biotechnology for Waste Conversion 2016 (BioWC 2016) ,

5-8 December 2016, Hong Kong SAR, P.R. China

The solid waste landfilled by Turkey is more than 90%. According to EU Integrated Environmental Approximation Strategy, it is among the targets of Turkey’s solid waste management strategy to reduce the quantity of landfilled biodegradable waste. Several waste management scenarios have been developed by Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. The objective of this study was to evaluate the waste management scenario, which includes establishment of mechanical biological treatment plant (MBT)+landfilling+combined heat and electricity production (CHP), in terms of financial costs and income. An economic comparison of the existing waste management strategy and the one integrated with MBT plant for a municipality that generates solid waste of 180.000 tons/year was made. It was found that the capital and operational costs for the MBT+landfill+CHP is higher, and the income is lower than that of the system, landfilling + CHP, for the same amount of municipal waste.